One Hundred Sticks of Old Dynamite Discovered on Farm 12 Aug 11

About one hundred sticks of old dynamite was discovered on a farm northeast of Hector Tuesday. Renville County Sheriff Scott Hable says it’s believed the dynamite may have been inside the outbuilding for more than 40 years. Hable says a relative of the former resident had heard there was dynamite in the shed, and after finding a box labeled “explosives,” the family member reported it to the Sheriff’s Office. After being analyzed by the Bloomington bomb squad, the metro response team destroyed the container of explosives in a nearby field without incident. Hable says his office gets reports every couple years about explosives being found in old farm buildings. He says “Back in the day it was not uncommon for a farmer to have dynamite, you could buy it at a hardware store.” It was typically used to uproot tree stumps or beaver dams that could be hindering farming operations.