Less is More for Cosmos School 24 Aug 11

When the elementary school in Cosmos opens this school year there will be fewer teachers, fewer support staff and fewer classes.

The West Central Tribune reports that through a series of creative personnel adjustments, and by renting part of the building to other entities, the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City School District was able to save $100,000 from the school’s budget this year.

According to Superintendent Sherri Broderius, that was the financial threshold the school board set in order to keep the school open,.

She told board members Monday that the $100,000 goal had been met.

With fewer than 80 students in the K-4 grade school, the board considered closing the building and moving students to the elementary school in Atwater.

But strong community support for the Cosmos school, as well as threats that some families would leave the district convinced the board to keep the school open if the budget could be adjusted.