What is Public Art? 25 Aug 11

The Hutchinson Public Arts Commission is conducting a community discussion and workshop this evening (Thursday) on what public art is and what the potential benefits to you can be.

One of the main reasons for tonight’s discussion is the recently proposed “RiverHorse” sculpture (see photo) that was to be put near the Crow River dam. But once residents saw the mock-up of the artwork, the reigns were yanked, and the horse stopped dead in its tracks.

Tonight’s gathering will begin with remarks from Hutchinson Mayor Steve Cook and Art Commission Chairman Tom Wirt talking about what the intent of the commission is, and what pubic art the city currently has and, what the city may have in the future.

Other topics of discussion will include funding public art and what the potential economic benefits may be.

Tonight’s public arts discussion begins at 7 at the Hutchinson City Center on Hassan Street.