True Tale of Survival 01 Sep 11

In her new children’s book, “Hangin’ Out with Russell,” Minnesota author Julie Beck shares the true story of her experience helping a baby bird who wasn’t quite ready to survive on his own.

In the story, when it comes time for a baby bird to learn how to fly, he sails out of the nest and spreads his wings. But the little bird can’t quite fly yet, and he is too big to go back to the nest. It is time for him to survive on his own, learn to fly, and learn to find his own food.

Beck describes how she helped this poor little robin and how the robin brought so much joy into her life. She named him Russell, and with her help, he practiced flying, learned to hunt for bugs in trees and gardens, and even made friends with a couple of crazy little dogs.

Eventually, Russell’s mother told him that it was time to leave Beck’s house and fend for himself. Readers learn if Russell learned enough to survive on his own in the humorous, adventure-filled, and touching true story.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available at bookstores nationwide and can be ordered through the publisher at or by visiting or

Beck lives on two wooded acres in New London, Minnesota. She and her husband, Dan, live with two dogs, Oliver and Henry, and one cat, Zoe. “Hangin’ Out with Russell” is her first book.