Sex Offender Arrested Again 02 Sep 11

A sex offender from Gaylord was taken into custody recently following an incident in Le Sueur.

35-year-old Romeo Alba is a level two predatory sex offender who was recently released from prison. He now faces charges of false imprisonment and fifth-degree assault after allegedly grabbing a young girl by the arm at the mall in downtown Le Sueur last week.

He had reportedly asked the girl to take his picture and gave her a camera before grabbing her arm. She was able to break loose and run away.

He was arrested later that day after the victim identified him through a photograph.

He remains in custody in the Le Sueur County Jail in Le Center.



  • Thug


  • Hutch

    “recently released from prison” That didn’t take long. Looks like he needs to sit in prison a while longer. Obviously needs medical treatment, like getting neutered.