We Were Swindled 08 Sep 11

A former Glencoe businessman is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from his family, neighbors, and fellow businessmen, and is now seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in federal court in Minneapolis.

Nearly 45 victims have come forward in and around the Glencoe area, along with creditors including banks, credit card companies, and other agencies, claiming that Bryan Koepp swindled them out of almost 1.5 million dollars. In fact, Gary Ballard bluntly told the McLeod County Chronicle, “We were swindled, pure and simple.”

Koepp is now under investigation for possible fraud in connection with his business, the Glencoe Garden Center.

Some victims apparently were told by Koepp that he needed the money to tie up loose ends before a government load arrived.

Tom Van Hon, the attorney representing Koepp, was asked by the Chronicle for a statement, but “declined to make a comment at this time.”