Celebrating a 10th anniversary 12 Sep 11

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For my debut on the new website I wanted something special. So I’m going to take a break from sports for a moment and talk about a 10th anniversary. No, not that 10th anniversary…but it does play a part in my story…it’s just not the main characters. No this is a story of hope, of that something good came from the date September 11, 2001.

We all know what happened in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. That day myself along with my then fiancé (now my wife), we were worried about two friends of ours. You see they were in Manhatten on September 10th, 2001 getting ready for a wedding.

I’m not going to use their names so I’ll refer to them as the groom and the bride from now on. The groom and I have been very good friends since he moved to my school district in junior high. I’ve known the bride almost as long but not quite. The bride worked as a live in nanny for a very nice family in Manhatten. She was working until that day and then on Sept. 10th her job was up and they were going to get married at Niagra Falls.

I was woken up by my fiancé on September 11th, hammering on my apartment door telling me to turn my TV on and watch what was going on. We both knew our two friends were scheduled to leave Manhatten late on the 10th so they shouldn’t have been near. But we also knew from talking to her in the previous months that she could see the twin towers from her window (how close she was we don’t know). Thoughts go through your head, what if they decided to leave in the morning and get a good nights sleep? What if they decided to go sightseeing that day? What if….

But what if didn’t happen. They did leave on the 10th. And they called us that afternoon, saying that they were now husband and wife. A private ceremony only the parents were invited to.

I guess you can kinda say their marriage and the last 10 years mirror each other in ways. Tough times, good times, joyous times, and sad times. But 10 years later they celebrated their anniversary, just like that other 10th anniversary did. September 11, 2001…a day they will never forget…but for a much happier reason!