Credit Card Skimming 12 Sep 11

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office, Lino Lakes Police Department and Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a credit card skimming case.

Investigating officers believe the majority of the skimmed credit cards were compromised at the McDonald’s on 7th Street in the City of Monticello in July and August of 2011.

Authorities say McDonald’s Corporation is cooperating with the investigation and they have provided evidence in this investigation. The credit cards would have been compromised by a juvenile employee who worked the drive thru lane and was obtaining the information for a larger organization. Authorities are in the process of compiling the list of victims at this time and are requesting the assistance in identifying all victims. The majority of the victims targeted are white females.

Credit card skimming is a common method used in financial crimes. The thieves will legitimately obtain a persons credit card during a business transaction, however; they will be in possession of a electronic skimming type device and will swipe the card again and obtain the credit card number. Those numbers are taken and placed on another credit card allowing them to purchase items with their name on the card but with the victim’s credit card information. The victim will be in possession of their credit card and will not be aware their card is being used fraudulently.

If you utilized the Monticello McDonald’s Drive Thru on East 7th Street in the months of July and August 2011 and have been a victim of credit card fraud, contact the Wright County Sheriff’s Office at 763 682 7733.


Several suspects have been identified.