Escape Escapes Enforcement 13 Sep 11

The driver of a Ford Escape evaded police during a high speed chase on Sunday.

At 12:54 AM Hutchinson Police noticed a 2008 black Ford Escape turning east onto Highway 7 from School Road at a high rate of speed.

During the pursuit, the driver momentarily tapped the brakes and then turned off the cars lights and accelerated. The vehicle continued on Highway 7 eastbound before swerving into the westbound lanes and turning south on Main Street. The police pursuit continued through the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot as well as several residential lawns on 4th and 5th Avenues NE.

The officers in pursuit tried to cut off the Escape on 6th Ave and lost sight of the vehicle at that point.

The vehicle was identified as being stolen from Meeker County and damage to various properties is estimated at $1000. The investigation continues.