You know it’s coming…the Big 16 21 Sep 11

Oh sure, the ACC, SEC, Big 12, and Pac 12 are all garnering the attention right now. Key word in that phrase I just typed was right now. The Big Ten is the only major conference that seems to be quiet right now. But then what’s that phrase about looking a duck in a crisp, clear pond? Those feet are really churning underneath the water. I’ve got to think that’s the case here. No way does the Big Ten get outmanuvered in the race forConference supremecy. So I’m here to help them out and analyze the choices out there for some new teams to come in and beat the Gophers in more sports. Let’s get started with my top choice…

1. Kansas – What? did you think I was going to say something else? This is the school no one’s talking about, but could be a big boon to the conference. Alright, I’ll give you the fact the football team isn’t great…but then they did beat the gophers a few years ago didn’t they? Nope, the sport I like from the Jayhawks is Basketball. I think they would make the Big Ten on par with the ACC as the best basketball conference out there. Plus the Hawks do have a loyal following that would sell tickets in all Big Ten venues.

2. Kansas State – While not my official 2nd choice, I do know that adding Kansas means you gotta take the little sister along with it. I don’t mind taking K-State. While not elite in any sport, they are very good in a lot of sports. Would bring good depth, not a patsy school by any means. I’m ok adding them to get Kansas.

3. Notre Dame – They can even stay independent in football for all I care. Three main reasons on this one for me…1. The name. Who cares if the football team plays independent if you can say that THE Notre Dame is in your conference. Big recruiting point for all schools that you can compete against them. 2. Basketball…Can you tell I like college hoops? Adding them again would make an already tough conference even better. 3. Hockey…YOu’ve got a fledling Hockey conference. Granted you’ve got some darn good schools and teams but you don’t have a lot. Adding an NCAA hockey power would only add to your new conference.

4. Missouri – I like their programs, but I won’t spend much time on them since rumors persist they are headed to the SEC. But I’d rather have Mizzou over….

5. Texas – Hey, don’t laugh. Commissioner Jim Delany already was infatuated with them a few years ago. If any conference would be OK with that Longhorn Network it would be a conference far enough away not to care. Big Ten Network has their own slice of the pie and while the BTN I’m sure would love to get into Texas, it’d be hard for the Longhorn Network to come up here and broadcast. I don’t think it would be a huge issue, but then we are talking about money aren’t we. Athleticly, I don’t need to go into their programs. We know what they bring to the table and it would only strengthen the conference.

6. Iowa State – Now we’re scrapping the barrell here. I’m not thrilled about their programs but they would offer regional rivalries which could invigorate fans. And again we are after all talking about money aren’t we.

7. Texas Tech – If I mentioned Texas I have to talk about the Raiders. The two are joined at the hip, but I’m even less thrilled about them than I am Iowa State. ISU can at least offer some rivalries…TT can’t do that and their programs aren’t terribly strong. Really don’t like adding them.

8. Rutgers – My final choice, I only included them because it would put the Big Ten Network on the TV listings in New York City. Money talks.