Hutch Stats 2011 26 Sep 11

Evan Metag-44 rushes, 404 yards, 5 TD
Brandon Ziemer-56 rushes, 230 yards, 7 TD
McKinley Anderson-38 rushes, 160 yards, 3 T
Shane Collings-15 rushes, 77 yards
Trace Adams-4 rushes, 36 yards
Ryan Lenz-8 rushes, 26 yards
Shaun Schindler-1 rush, 1 yard
Gannon Jordahl-2 rushes, 12 yard

McKinley Anderson-15/32, 344 yards, 2 TD

Shaun Schindler-5 catches, 133 yards, TD
Mitch Petersen-5 catches, 130 yards, TD
Trace Adams-5 catches, 71 yards

Defense/Special Teams
Anthony Settergren-3 sacks
Dacotah Thompson-3 sacks
Shaun Schindler-2 sacks

Trace Adams-INT, TD
Mitch Petersen-INT
Tory Adams-INT, Punt Return TD
Justin Schmidt-27 yard FG

  • Timmer_27

    just wondering where these stats are coming from, i have a few differences by my calulations.

  • Jniemeyer

    Stats come directly from the team for offense. Defense special teams are my own notes.

  • Timmer_27

    great just checking. I do believe that Ziemer and Metag both have 6 tds however. And I think Peterson had that 130 td game and then an 18 yd catch against Mound. Also, didn’t Metag catch a pass in the Waconia game? Thanks for doing a great job. Go Tigers!!

  • HHSfan

    Agree with Timmer’s calcs.

  • Jniemeyer

    Sorry guys, Official listings show 5 and 7 as the totals for TD’s.

  • Scores

    Just like when Brusehaver had 26 touchdowns in the Star Tribune two years ago and he had 12. Metag: 3 TDs vs M-W, 1 TD vs D-C, 2 TD vs Waconia (6); Ziemer 3 TDs vs M-W, 1 TD vs A-Dale, 1 TD vs D-C, 1 TD vs Waconia (6)

  • Stats

    Go to this website…..I believe the coaches are taking stats from the film and posting them here. They seem pretty legit.

  • stats
  • Sheryl

    Can you list the “Player of the Game” for each of the games Hutch has played. Thank you.

  • Sheryl

    Can you list the “Player of the Game” for each of the games Hutch has played. Thank you.