Money, Drugs, and Murder 06 Oct 11

A Hutchinson man has been charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of a man found in a burning mobile home Monday in Little Falls.

36-year-old Jason Ray Dominguez is accused of shooting 30-year-old Dustin Brown seven times and then lighting a fire under the porch of the trailer where Brown was staying in an attempt to destroy evidence.

The shooting and fire happened late Monday at 600 Lindbergh Drive N, where Brown was found lying next to a bed with gunshot wounds to his head, legs, arm, chest, jaw and back.

Neighbors told investigators that a one-armed man had been in the area looking for Brown for the past two weeks. Dominguez, who has only one arm, was released from prison August 3rd. According to the complaint, Brown’s brother told investigators that Dominguez had been pressuring Dustin Brown to do something drug-related that Brown didn’t want to do. Investigators also learned that Brown owed Dominguez money.

According to the complaint, Dominguez went to Brown’s mobile home late Monday, and the two got into an argument about money. Dominguez left and drove to Hutchinson, where he was living, and got a .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol.

He returned to Little Falls and was dropped off by his girlfriend near Brown’s trailer. A few minutes later, he called his girlfriend and asked her to pick him up.

The court complaint indicates that Dominguez told his girlfriend that “I shot him seven times” and he showed her seven shells casings. According to the complaint, the girlfriend noted that Dominguez was “covered in blood.”

Dominguez then drove to a Rice store and bought bleach, then went to a car wash and washed the car and his clothes, according to the court complaint. A video camera recorded them in the car wash, where Dominguez threw a hat and purse in the trash that later was recovered.

Investigators also recovered clothes that had been discarded along Minnesota Highway 15. They also recovered a handgun that was buried southeast of Hutchinson that they believe was used in the killing.