Pawlenty Portrait 11 Oct 11

The Minnesota Historical Society unveiled the official portrait of former Governor Tim Pawlenty Monday. The framed portrait will be hung on the ground floor of the Minnesota State Capitol, taking its place alongside portraits of 38 previous Minnesota governors.

“Serving as governor of this great state was an incredible and humbling honor,” Governor Pawlenty said. “During my time in office we worked to reflect the common sense that characterizes Minnesotans. Our state is great not because of politicians, but because of the people. I hope every Minnesotan, from school children to retirees, who visits this Capitol, reflects on the perseverance, strength and good-heartedness of the Minnesota spirit.”

The portrait depicts Governor Pawlenty in front of the Capitol, looking straight ahead. The artist chose no hidden symbols, no veiled artistic messages. Rather, he elected to paint a classic portrait of the man who led Minnesota from 2003-2011.

The portrait will hang in the Capitol building on the ground floor, west wing at the south corridor leading to the Great Hall and is available for viewing beginning today (Tuesday, October 11th).