HTI Thailand Plant Update 12 Oct 11

Hutchinson Technology Incorporated now reports that floodwaters have continued to rise and have now entered its assembly plant in the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

As previously disclosed, the industrial park is without power and an evacuation of the park had been ordered.

The company is increasing its production output at its U.S. assembly operations and using existing inventory to meet customer demand.

The company said that the extent of the damage caused by the flood and the timeframe for resuming operations in Thailand are unknown at this time. The company is insured against flood damage and also carries business interruption insurance.

Wayne Fortun, Hutchinson Technology’s president and chief executive officer, says that the company’s first concern was for the safety and wellbeing of its employees.

Hutchinson Technology’s Disk Drive Components Division is a key worldwide supplier of suspension assemblies for computer disk drives. The company’s BioMeasurement Division is focused on bringing to the market new technologies and products that provide information clinicians can use to improve the quality of health care and reduce costs.

  • Hutch

    Bad Karma

  • Hutch

    Bad Karma

  • Indy

    I doubt that employee concern was at the top of their list…

  • Hutch

    They’ve never been worried about their employees in the past. Why start now? …

  • Mlkee00

    I agreed 100%

  • pete

    Terrible, this will interrupt plans to eliminate US jobs and screw up fortun’s bonus!!

  • Pepe_stinky

    fortune should move over there, oh yeah they dont have million dollar huts over there!! UGH!