Dangerous Intersections 20 Oct 11

The intersection of Minnesota Highway 15 and Second Street South in St. Cloud is the most dangerous highway intersection in the state. That’s according to an assessment released Wednesday by the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The St. Cloud Times reports the intersection of Highway 15 and Division Street, just a few blocks to the north, also made the list, at number 15.

St. Cloud was one of three cities that had more than one intersection on the list of the top 20 most dangerous intersections. Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis also had two intersections on the list.

MnDOT calculated the danger of intersections based on a weighted average of crash severity during a three-year period. That system gave one point to a property damage crash, 7.67 points to a crash with minor injuries, 11.5 points to a moderate-injury crash, 35 points to a crash with severe injuries and 70 points for a crash that resulted in death.

After the Highway 15 and Second Street intersection, 10 of the next 11 most dangerous intersections were in the Twin Cities metro area. In the top 20, the only intersections outside the metro that made the list were in St. Cloud, in East Bethel, in Goodhue County and in Wilton, just west of Bemidji.