Whistleblower Admits Guilt 22 Oct 11

While she was publicly demanding that the town’s police chief be suspended while investigated for an alleged wrong doing, Sharon Lothert was taking advantage of her position as a city council member and president of the Economic Development Agency in Danube to steal rent checks written to the city.

The West Central Tribune reports the 59-year-old Hector woman admitted to the offenses during a court appearance Friday in district court in Olivia.

Lothert pleaded guilty to a felony charge of theft and a gross misdemeanor charge of misconduct by a public official.

District Judge Randall Slieter accepted the pleas, and dismissed two others, felony theft charges and a felony check forgery charge as part of an agreement reached in the case.

The agreement requires that Lothert reimburse the city for the money that was taken, up to a maximum of $21,940. City officials allege that figure represents the amount that was lost from August 2009 through December 2010.

Lothert resigned her position on the Danube city council earlier this year and moved out of the community.

  • Princess56284

    Its about time some one finally caught this crooked family!!!!