Cosmos Elementary Operations Questioned 25 Oct 11

In response to pleas from parents last year for the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City School Board to do whatever it would take to keep the elementary school in Cosmos open, staff was trimmed and grade levels were combined this year to cut expenses.

The West Central Tribune reports it now appears some parents aren’t happy with the changes at the school and don’t like how their children are being educated at the school.

During the ACGC school board meeting Monday, board member Scott Stafford said he’s heard complaints about the combined classes and the reduced number of staff at the school.

Superintendent Sherri Broderius said the changes were made “so we could maintain a program down there.”

With declining enrollment, the board had considered closing the school in Cosmos. But after public meetings drew large crowds the board agreed to keep it open for at least another year as long as $100,000 in savings or new revenue could be found.

A large section of the building is being rented to the Southwest/ West Central Coop for an autism program, which is bringing in rent money and the cuts in staff at the school have reduced expenses.

Stafford asked when the board would decide if the school was going to remain open another year.

Broderius said there was no deadline for making that decision, but said the question is a topic of every administrative meeting she attends.

Future enrollment could be a major factor in the decision.