Sexual Misconduct Allegations 15 Nov 11

Michael W. Weber has resigned from the board of directors at the Greater Twin Cities United Way in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct more than 40 years ago.

Weber, a Foley native who lives in Plymouth, was a deacon at the Church of the Holy Spirit in St. Cloud in 1969 and 1970 when the abuse is alleged to have happened.

The St. Cloud Times reports Holy Spirit parishioners were told about the allegations at weekend Masses. A December 4th listening session has been scheduled for parishioners in light of the allegations.

The diocese schedules such listening sessions when it receives a credible allegation against an ordained individual involving a minor or vulnerable adult, and the session is scheduled in parishes where the accused individual served, according to Jane Marrin, spokeswoman for the diocese.

Marrin says “There are at least two (people making allegations against Weber.” “It may be more.”