McDonald’s Drops Egg Supplier 18 Nov 11

McDonalds is searching for a new eggs supplier after results of an ABC News exclusive investigation featuring undercover tape filmed at Sparboe Farms. The tape shows unsanitary conditions and extreme animal cruelty – prompting McDonalds to drop Sparboe Farms as its main supplier. The FDA has also issued a rare company-wide warning letter to the company, citing serious violations at 5 different sites that the FDA said could lead to contaminated eggs.

ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross reports Sparboe produces hundreds of millions of eggs in its facilities in 3 states and claims it has never discovered salmonella in a single one of those eggs. The company provided ABC News with a guided one hour tour, requiring all of us to wear protective gear. Sparboe executive Ken Klippen said the filth and vermin seen on the undercover tape was an aberration.

According to their website, Sparboe Farms serves retail, wholesale and foodservice customers in 26 states. The core focus of Sparboe Farms is to service grocery distributors, retailers, foodservice professionals and processors who require superior quality eggs and egg products, both branded and private label and is recognized as the fifth largest shell egg producer and marketer in the United States, operates seven processing plants supported by 33 accompanying layer and pullet production sites, and owns and operates facilities in three states (Iowa, Colorado and Minnesota).

Sparboe is headquartered in Litchfield, Minnesota and has an Executive and Sales office in Wayzata, Minnesota.

  • AMaharaj

    This is horrifying, but it’s also pretty much standard and legal. Over 95% of eggs produced in the U.S. come from hens confined in tiny cages in which they’re unable to even stretch their wings. The least we can do is ditch eggs from our diets. More info at

    There has always been so many health issues relating to the food served at McDonald’s. I can’t really understand how they can say that they are proud to serve quality food to consumers when their food is so illy prepared and the industry obviously doesn’t care enough to do their own undercover investigations into the facilities where they get their eggs from. Firing employers won’t change the problem. The problem is the industry itself and the lack of policies associated with the meat industry. What was captured during the under cover investigation was all legal. No one person was arrested or charged for allowing these practices. Most fast food places like McDonald’s simply care about profit. As a society who claims to be morally just, we cannot allow these conditions to exists. It is equally disturbing to not that this particular instance is only focusing on he health aspect when it is so clearly seen that the animals being recorded are being tormented and abused. It is simply appalling and not okay…