Norwegian TV show films segment in Hutch 20 Nov 11

A brand new Norwegian Television show came to Hutchinson to film a segment for their program Uncle America. Hosts of the show Thomas Gullestad and Esben Selvig are former hip hop stars in that country and are going around america finding connections in america to their homeland. Gullestad and Selvig joined Madison, MN native and “Lutefisk Eating King of the World” Jerry Osteraas along with Osteraas’ chief competitor over the years, Charlie Hettling of Minneota, MN. for a staged Lutefisk eating contest. Both Osteraas and Hettling thought the competition was genuine, but the hosts rigged up a Wet/Dry Vac to help Selvig “eat” the slimy fish. Osteraas’ daughter Amy Niemeyer of Hutchinson called the contest drop dead funny. The segment will air sometime in Spring 2012 in Norway. The hosts say the video will also be up online at that time for viewers who wish to see the segment. (All Photos Courtesy Amy Niemeyer)