Gang-related Shootings 08 Dec 11

A Mankato man is now believed to be responsible for gang-related shootings in both Gaylord and St. Peter.

23-year-old Michael Lamont Smith made his first appearance in Sibley County Court on Monday after being arrested early Friday morning for the shooting in Gaylord. Two people had been spotted driving away in a silver car after shooting a mobile home early Thursday morning. Three days before that, shotgun slugs were fired into a mobile home in St. Peter, and police have since learned that the victims in both cases knew each other, and were likely members of a rival gang.

Smith had allegedly previously threatened to kill at least one of the victims, and he has been identified as being a member of the Latin Kings gang.

A 15-year-old boy is believed to have taken part in the shootings as well. He and a woman were both taken into custody.

Smith faces felony charges of committing a crime for the benefit of a gang, drive-by shooting and 2nd-degree assault in Sibley County.

Information on possible charges against the woman and boy is not available at this time.