Suicide Attempt Turns to Disorderly Conduct 14 Dec 11

After a Hutchinson girl attempted to commit suicide early this week, her father was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Officers from the Hutchinson Police Department responded to a call of a medical emergency on the 600 block of Harmony Lane around 1:30 Sunday afternoon. A girl had reportedly been seen in a driveway with a hose from the tailpipe of a vehicle trying to commit suicide. When officers arrived the girl had already been confronted by another individual and had left the scene. Officers were able to locate the girl and her parents and informed them that she would be transported to the Hutchinson Hospital. As the officer was taking the girl out the back door of the home, they encountered her father who stated, “you are coming with me, these men aren’t taking you,” and he then moved toward the officer as if to strike.

The 60 year old Hutchinson man was arrested for disorderly conduct, and charges have been requested from the City Attorney.