The area’s top concessions according to Joel 14 Dec 11

Ranking the areas top concession stands

Hey ya’ll! Part of the fun of my job is getting to go to all these different arenas and see the menus and taste some of the different food offerings they have. A lot of stands can be the same old things…popcorn, candy, drinks, etc. But there are quite a few in the area that offer much more.

It was brought up again recently as to who had the best. Now this is just one person’s take on it and may not be yours. I’d love to hear your thoughts on who has the best. I have only one criteria…I’m not including any pro sports arenas. Obviously, they will be the best. I’m listing only local stuff here in my top 10. Let’s go….

  • Thaler Arena, Mound: By far the most offerings I’ve seen in any place. Recently there for a hockey game the listings included a BBQ Pork Sandwich, Chicken strips, Ice Cream, Hot Dog, and about 30 other selections. There best dish would be the Bosco Sticks, basically cheese filled breadsticks….Wonderful! I recommend them highly.
  • Tadsen Field, Brownton: They rank this highly for one single dish…the best hamburger at any ballpark you’ll ever find…The Bruin Burger. A wonderful mix of meat, cheese, and toppings. Very Tasty! I always look forward to my trips to that park in the summer time, regardless of how good the baseball game is.
  • Stevens Seminary Stadium, Glencoe: A nice mix of choices, but the real treat is before the game. A nice smoked/grilled pork chop. Very nice portion, cooked very well. Was very pleased when Tim Halligan told me I had to go get one. Make sure you get to the stadium early if your playing GSL in football sometime!
  • Lions Memorial Field, Bird Island: A kind gesture by a loyal Hutch Huskie fan a couple years ago puts this field on my list. I was brought a box of French Fries that day and I must say they turned out to be the best fries I’ve had at a ballpark. Not sure if they offer that at all games, but if they do…you need to go watch an Islanders game
  • New Prague Ice Arena: Not to much variety here to report on, but they do win the prize for the best single dish I’ve had at a game. Their cheesy bread is to die for! They don’t offer it all the time, but I was lucky enough to be there once they did!
  • Burich Arena, Hutchinson: They also don’t have any variety to speak of, but that popcorn they have is wonderful. Not to salty, not to bland. Basic but very good!
  • Highland Park, Watertown: A Philly Cheese Steak? At a local ball game? Sign me up…a bit on the spicier side for my tastes, but darn good!
  • Taylor Center, Mankato: A nice BIG cookie when you don’t need a whole lot but want something different.
  • Litchfield HS Football Field: Ok now this one isn’t available to you…perk of being in the booth. But they brought out some wonderful chips and dip this past fall in the booth. Nice sweet salsa that I could’ve had more of
  • Don Roberts Ice Arena, St. Peter: Ok Gustavus gets the prize for the best hot dog. I once saw someone down 4 in one game…one per period and one for the way home. I must say they do make hot dogs well there

There you go….the top ten for me. If you’d like to comment send me an email! If I get enough notes on other food from the area I may post a follow up! Happy Eating!