White Christmas near Kimball 19 Dec 11

Maybe we won’t have a white Christmas, but you’d never know it by looking at the slopes around Kimball.

Kimball’s Powder Ridge Winter Recreation Area is doing just fine.

General Manager and co-owner Jerry Wahlin tells the St. Cloud Times “It hasn’t really been too bad at all, “crowds have been good, we’re happy with that. Some snow on the ground would be nice, that would help a little bit, but we’ve been through this before.”

Wahlin said business is actually off to a better start this year compared with last year. Dry conditions don’t affect Powder Ridge as much as warm temperatures would, he said, thanks to the business’ ability to make its own snow.

Wahlin says “The natural snow really doesn’t affect our snow making too much. It really affects (the way people think),” Wahlin said. “It’s nice when it’s on the ground and in people’s yards to make people think about it and feel like it’s a little more wintery.”

That wintery feel was what brought Boy Scout Troop 246 out to the hill Sunday. The group, which hails from Hutchinson, was looking for ways to spend some quality time outdoors with traditional snow-filled activities out of the question.