Fire in Hutchinson House 31 Dec 11

The Hutchinson Fire Department was called to a report of smoke in a residence in the 400 block of Rose Lane NE last night (Friday). The call came in just after 6pm.

Upon arrival, Incident Command reported heavy black smoke inside the entire residence, but no visible fire. Silver Lake Fire Department was requested to respond to the scene and provide a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT).

Crews made entry, searched, and were able to verify that no one was left in the home. The cause for the heavy smoke was located on the homes kitchen stove, where a television had been placed during moving and had accidently turned on one of the burners.

The occupants were located outside the home and were checked over for smoke inhalation by members of the Hutchinson Ambulance.

  • Louquas

    I am the tenant in Apt. # 3 and this happened in # 1 of Rose Lane NE Hutchinson, MN 55350.

    This is the link for a fire that happened in my building. It happened in Apt. # 1 and I am it Apt. # 3 of 4. Please pray for my wife and I as we clean up the mess. We also need the L-rd’s help because our landlord is being very difficult and not telling us much of any thing. We had to contact the Fire Chief in order to issue a written safety complaint so that he could come here with the city building inspector and inspect the building from roof to basement. Our landlord, Dan Mattson, has done a very poor job of making repairs, so our building as become progressively worse as the years have wore on. I even filed an online compliant with the Better Business Bureau about how poorly my neighbors and I are being treated. You would not know it from the photo in the article, but the entire kitchen is covered in a quarter inch, or more, of very toxic soot. The building smells horrible still and we have yet to see anyone from our landlord’s insurance company. The smell has been so bad that we had to have our windows open all weekend just to make the air in our apartment barely breathable. Fortunately none of the 5 tenants got hurt because only one of us was here at the time and he walked out from a different apartment before it got too bad. Also, all three of our cats survived OK, except for being scared. The fire department had to kick in everyone’s door but ours because we always leave our door unlocked.

    thank you for praying,
    Luke Peterson
    Hutchinson, MN