Local Businesses Warned of Scam 06 Jan 12

The Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau is warning local businesses about an Illinois company trying to sell them advertisements for a “Hutchinson Guide” under false claims.

The company, Elite Publishing & Design, is in no way affiliated or supported by the Hutchinson Area Chamber CVB, and the “Hutchinson Guide” they are promoting is NOT the “Visitor’s Guide” published by the Hutchinson Area Chamber CVB. Businesses are advised against doing any business with this company as they are not local and have received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce CVB President Bill Corby encourages companies to ask questions if they are contacted by Elite Publishing & Design, including their name, phone number,where they are calling from, how the product will be used.

Elite Publishing & Design began contacting Hutchinson business around the middle of December. If you are contacted or have any questions, you may call the Hutchinson Chamber CVB at 320-587-5252.