G-SL Bus Accident 14 Jan 12

A Glencoe Silver Lake school bus rolled into the ditch Friday sending the driver to the hospital.

The accident occurred just after 3 o’clock in the afternoon on County Road 2 near 180th Street south of Silver Lake.

According to the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office, the bus driver suffered from a medical condition and was transported to the Glencoe Hospital. The driver’s condition is not available, although the driver is expected to recover.

No children who were on the bus at the time suffered serious injury.

  • Yknoght

    The bus did not actually roll over.

  • Joe

    yeah the bus didnt roll it just was huge bump like usually ha but bigger i should know (i was on it)

  • Joe

    are u from Glencoe?

  • Tanyareichow

    The bus didnt roll over it just drove into the field when the driver was unconscious. All were shaken but no one was injured. I know because I was on the bus

  • Apopp

    Saying “the bus rolled into the ditch” does not mean that it rolled over, but thank you for your clarification.