Education Hutchinson Interview 23 Jan 12


Lead Negotiator Daryl Patrick and Education Hutchinson member Kyle Schroeder were on the air with Abby Popp on Monday afternoon talking about contract negotiations with the Hutchinson School BoardMembers of Education Hutchinson say that they hope negotiations will resume soon with the Hutchinson School Board.

Although contract negotiations began over 6 months ago, virtually no progress has been made since November toward reaching a new contract.

Lead negotiator for Education Hutchinson Darryl Patrick said that the district has a fund balance of about $7.9 million, and a self insurance fund of $3.1 million, and that the district could work with at least some of that $11 million total.

Kyle Schroeder, also with Education Hutchinson, added that the district does have plans for those funds, but that currently teachers have been left out of those plans.

Originally negotiators hoped to have a contract settled by Christmas, but with no state-imposed deadline, there is little pressure to reach an agreement. Schroeder said in extreme cases steps can be taken with mediation and arbitration, but again emphasized their desire to come to a consensus on their own.

Teachers in Hutchinson have been working without a contract since last June.

Patrick and Schroeder appeared on Community Affairs with Abby Popp yesterday (Monday) afternoon. You can hear the complete interview at

Members of the Hutchinson School Board declined an invitation to appear on KDUZ this week.

  • BP83

    Why the decline from the school board? This may be a good platform to discuss their reasoning for not using the money in terms that the community may understand. I go to board meetings and NO ONE from the public, that isn’t directly affected,attends these meetings, but EVERYONE who subscribes the the Leader reads and sees that the teachers are “whining” and “complaining” that they aren’t getting a raise.
    The teachers in our district have been working below the state average for years, while our administrators work and get paid above the state average.

    We as a district have to put a value on our teachers. They teach OUR children, they do a good job with or without “compensation” pay. If anyone has questions that our children are learning, go in and look at the state test scores.

    The district cannot use the poor economy as a reason to not give our district staff what they deserve.
    When the economy was good, and HTI was intact, and all was well in the world, I was on a negotiating team and we were being told the same line!!! Can’t have it both ways school board.

    This goes back a ways…but one of the board members said “they are lucky to have jobs”
    Well, Mr. Business owner…YOU are lucky YOUR kids were given a good education and thrived in our school you represent..(for the time being) Your kid’s teachers taught your kids because they love to. If they just wanted a “job” most would be working elsewhere for more money!!!