Another Delay 24 Jan 12

The latest court hearing for Delbert Edwin Huber was delayed to April 12th because the rural Paynesville man accused of murder asked for more time to hire an attorney.

The West Central Tribune reports the 81-year-old Huber appeared Monday before District Judge Michael Thompson in Kandiyohi County District Court during what was supposed to be an omnibus hearing. Huber asked that court action be delayed until after April 1st.

Huber told Judge Thompson that he thinks he should have an attorney by that time and that he was not prepared to represent himself in the murder case.

Huber and his son, 45-year-old Timothy John Huber, were indicted by a Kandiyohi County grand jury on November 17th on first-degree premeditated murder charges. They also face second-degree intentional and unintentional murder charges for their roles in the October 8th death of 43-year-old Timothy Richard Larson of Albertville.

Delbert Huber allegedly shot Larson with a 303 British Enfield rifle during a confrontation over the fact that Larson ordered the Hubers and their farm equipment off farm property owned by Larson’s father in rural Belgrade.

Monday’s hearing marked the seventh time Delbert Huber has appeared in court without an attorney. His applications for a public defender have been denied twice by two judges.

Judge Thompson on Monday reiterated his denial of a public defender for Huber and gave warning that this would be the defendant’s last opportunity to get a lawyer.

“I’ll give you this one last chance to get an attorney,” the judge said. “I’m going forward with the hearing on that day. I will not allow you to continue to delay this matter.”