Juveniles Get Juiced 31 Jan 12

Authorities cited eight minors last week for underage consumption at a party on the northwest side of Hutchinson.

The Hutchinson Police Department received a call on Saturday at 10:13 PM about a loud party at 448 California Street. Upon the officer’s arrival, he discovered that the address was a vacant lot, but observed several cars parked nearby on West Boulevard and heard loud music. The officer approached the house and witnessed two males trying to flee through the front door. The males, along with other individuals at the residence, were advised to wait while the officer attended to a young male who was passed out on a couch with his head in a garbage can.

Four Hutchinson males between 15 and 17 years old and one 16-year-old Hutchinson female were cited for underage consumption, as were 18-year-olds Jordan Scott Walters and Gage Villalon. 18-year-old Jeffrey Burandt of Hutchinson was also cited for public nuisance and underage consumption.

Authorities continue to investigate how the minors got the alcohol.