Farmers Market Move 03 Feb 12

The City of Hutchinson is hoping that it may have found a new home for the Farmers Market that everyone can agree on.

The Hutchinson Farmer’s Market has generally been located on First Avenue just east of Main Street in Downtown Hutchinson, but concerns from some businesses and community members have prompted city officials to consider other locations, including the Depot located near the intersection of Washington Avenue and Adams Street.

Hutchinson Mayor Steve Cook said that there could be several benefits to the Depot location, and that only a few changes would be required to what’s already at that site. Some of those changes include moving the Depot to run parallel with Washington Avenue, constructing a pavilion that would hold up to 20 vendors, and creating a parking lot.

Cook said the project would be a joint project of the Economic Development Administration, the city, and the rail authority. A study to see how the development would affect the environment would also need to be completed before construction could begin. Officials are hoping that the construction could be completed in early July of 2012.