Minnesota Caucuses 07 Feb 12
Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul rallied supporters in St. Cloud Monday in advance of tonight’s Minnesota caucuses.
The GOP presidential straw poll will be the most-watched element of the caucuses, at which attendees also may pick party delegates and propose changes to party platforms.

In addition to the Republican caucuses, Minnesota’s Constitution, DFL, Green and Independence parties will have their caucuses at 7 tonight at locations statewide.

To find your caucus locations online, use the Minnesota Secretary of State’s caucus finder tool at caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us.
Locations and times for McLeod County Republican and Democratic caucuses are as follows:

Republican (GOP):


Registration at all locations will be at 6:30pm with caucuses beginning at 7pm.


Hutchinson Event Center (1005 Hwy 15 S)

Hutch Precinct 1, 2, 3

Hutchinson Township

Hassan Valley Township

Acoma Township

Lynn Township Biscay


Glencoe Courthouse (830 11th St. E)

Glencoe Precinct 1, 2, 3, 4

Glencoe Township

Helen Township Plato City


Stewart Senior Center (551 Prior St.)

Stewart City

Collins Township

Round Grove Township


Brownton Community Center (310 2nd St N)

Brownton City

Penn Township

Sumter Township


Lester Prairie Media Center (131 Hickory St. N)

Lester Prairie City

Bergen Township


Winsted Elementary School Gym (431 4th St. N)

Winsted City

Winsted Township



Silver Lake Community Center (325 Main St. W)

Silver Lake City

Rich Valley Township

Hale Township


Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL):


Precinct Caucus locations are set for 6:30 P.M


***Glencoe High School, Media Center / Library, 1825 16th St. E in Glencoe for the following cities, precincts and townships – Biscay, Brownton, Glencoe, Glencoe Twp, Hale Twp, Helen Twp, Plato, Rich Valley Twp, Silver Lake and Sumter Twp. (Convener is John Hassinger - 320-587-3150.)


*** Hutchinson Middle School, Media Center / Library (Rooms 204, 202 & 200), 1365 South Grade Rd. SW in Hutchinson for the following cities, precincts and townships – Acoma Twp, Collins Twp, Hassan Valley Twp, Hutchinson, Hutchinson Twp, Lynn Twp, Penn Twp, Round Grove Twp and Stewart. (Convener is Paul Wright - 320-587-6398.)


*** Lester Prairie City Offices, (Blue Room on the right), 35 Juniper St. N in Lester Prairie for the following cities, precincts and townships – Bergen Twp, Lester Prairie, Winsted and Winsted Twp. (Convener is Cathy Nelson-Messer - 320-395-2975.)