Hutchinson Redistricting 14 Mar 12

The city of Hutchinson held a public hearing last night (Tuesday) on the proposed change in the city’s three voting precincts, in accordance with the 2012 state redistricting proposal.

The state proposal splits state district 18 down the middle of Hutchinson, with Highway 15 as the dividing line, with the goal of having equal populations in each district.

The city of Hutchinson has to change its three precincts to even up the voting population as well.

City Attorney Marc Sebora says they have to submit their proposal to the state no later than April 3rd, but Sebora says if for some reason you don’t like the change, you can contest it. To contest the plan, you have to apply to the district court requested revisions to the city plan. The application has to be filed with the court no later than April 10th, if the city has adopted its plan prior to April 3rd. Sebora says the city plans on adopting the new precincts on March 27th.

If for some reason the city adopts its plan later than April 3rd, legal action would have to be filed within a week of the plans adoption.