High Winds and Heavy Rain 20 Mar 12

A storm packing high winds and heavy rain has ripped roofs off homes in Elysian Monday evening.

Le Sueur County Emergency Management Director Ann Traxler tells the Associated Press that the storm swept across Lake Elysian and hit the north side of Lake Francis just after 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Traxler says no one was hurt or killed. But she says “lots of roofs” were blown off and power was knocked out to the town of Elysian.

Xcel Energy has since restored power to Elysian, but Traxler says there are still scattered outages in the area.

National Weather Service meteorologist Tony Zaleski estimates winds were in excess of 60-70 mph.

A survey may be done today (Tuesday) to see if it was a tornado or straight-line winds that hit the town.