Renville/Sibley Fiber Project Vote 29 Mar 12

The Sibley County Board Tuesday morning spent nearly an hour discussing the Renville-Sibley Fiber project.

The initiative would bring fiber optic broadband internet services to the cities and rural areas of Renville and Sibley Counties.

After initially tabling the vote on the issue Tuesday, the board decided to send the decision to the township level of government. Sibley County Economic Development Director Tim Dolan says they will bring the issue before the board of each township for a vote in an effort to bring the commitment level to 50%. He says they currently have commitments on the project from around 3,500 county residents, and would need to get that number up to at least 4,000.

The project has an estimated price tag of upwards of $70-million, of which Sibley County would bond for approximately half.

The City of Arlington recently opted out over financial concerns, but Winthrop and other Sibley County communities have confirmed their commitment.

The Renville County Board voted unanimously to support the project Tuesday morning as well.