Orange County Choppers at MOA 30 Mar 12

ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS comes to Minnesota on April 5th, 2012 at 6 PM!!! The internationally famous Orange County Choppers will be at Mall of America to unveil a custom motorcycle for MyPillow Company. One of the fastest growing companies in America, MyPillow has been making headlines across the country. Owner, CEO and inventor of MyPillow, Mr. Mike Lindell will be there along with Paul Teutul, Sr. for this exciting unveiling which will be filmed for Discovery’s American Chopper television show. MyPillow opened its doors eight years ago and is rapidly becoming one of our Nation’s fastest growing independently owned companies.

Over the past several years, Michael J. Lindell has become a household name, and now with a newly launched infomercial, he is one of the most watched persons in America. Born and raised in Minnesota, Michael has been an entrepreneur all of his life. His creativity and driving passion to find success helped him conquer addictions, bankruptcy and several near death experiences to develop the life-changing product that became MyPillow. His extraordinary life story of recovery and perseverance inspires everyone who hears it and has attracted the attention of movie producers and writers from Hollywood. He has also started work on a memoir to share is story and inspire others for success.

Mike recently created his own television show called “The Mike Lindell Show”. Mike’s goal for the show is to help people change their lives by sharing personal, inspirational experiences from the heart and bringing on guests from around the country to do the same. His honesty and candor is refreshing at a time when the population is seeking authenticity.

Mike began his quest to create “the world’s most comfortable pillow” eight years ago when he was having difficulties in his life including not being able to sleep. He recalled the comfort he found in his pillow in his youth and set out to find this same comfort in his adult life. After years of research of both pillows and sleep disorders and experimentation with fill and fabrics, he combined health, comfort and durability to create one of the only patented pillows made here in the USA. He shared it with two of our country’s top neurologists who specialized in sleep disorders. They tested it and found that MyPillow properly supported the vertebrae which led to greater amounts of REM sleep and significantly better overall rest for the body. MyPillow now has thousands of personal and medical/professional testimonials and endorsements.

Since the first pillow was made in Carver Minnesota, MyPillow has been invited to be part of the gift basket programs at the Academy Awards (Oscars), the ESPY Awards and the American Music Awards, making MyPillow “The Pillow to the Stars”.

Orange County Choppers has developed a special bike for Mike Lindell celebrating his individualism, character, perseverance and the success of MyPillow. The April 5th unveiling brings Orange County Choppers to Minnesota for the very first time to honor this “hometown entrepreneur.”

Mike Lindell is a regular on ”The Laura Smith Show” on FOX radio. Later in April, he will be an honored guest at a FOX News forum with Geraldo Rivera called “Putting America Back to Work.”

Being a “life changer” at heart, Mr. Lindell is using his success to help change the lives of others. His charitable contributions have included MyPillows for our Military as well as The Imus Ranch, a working cattle ranch for kids with cancer. Mike has also partnered with “Breaking Free” which helps victims of human trafficking by offering employment and assistance in returning to society. At the heart of Mike’s passion is The Lindell Foundation, recently created to ‘reach the unreachable’, starting with those who are suffering with crack addition of the worst kind. He plans to open ‘free’ centers nationwide to support addicts both with recovery and mainstreaming into society and create an environment of hope in the lives of those seeking a better life free from addiction. Mike’s commitment to create jobs here in the USA with an All American made product has become a reality in a overall unstable economy. The dream of owning your own business with a worthwhile product is alive and well here in homegrown Minnesota.

ABOUT MyPillow:
Founded in 2004 by Michael J. Lindell, MyPillow is one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in the USA. An advocate for American Made product and ambassador for creating jobs in America, the company manufacture “the worlds most comfortable pillow’. Promoting health, comfort and durability, MyPillow is renowned for owning the only US paten in the category. A philanthropist at heart, Michael J. Lindell recently founded The Lindell Foundation to ‘reach the unreachable’ and continue his thrive towards an addiction free society. For more information please visit: