Aerial Photos 02 Apr 12

Area residents may see 4-foot white X’s on the ground near eight communities in western and southwestern Minnesota over the next two weeks, as crews complete aerial photography for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The communities include Atwater, Canby, Clarkfield, Granite Falls, Lake Wilson, Milroy, Pipestone and Tracy.

To take the photos, crews place an X on the ground as a reference point for the aerial photographer. MnDOT asks landowners to work around these temporary targets. Work will be complete by mid-April, weather permitting.

Although the mapping is of the communities themselves, targets may be located outside of the city and up to 750 feet from the roadway.

The mapping will create a record of existing infrastructure and landscape to be used for planning. Aerial photography can only be done in the spring after snow melts and before trees get leaves.