Tracking a Tombstone 06 Apr 12

Tracking a TombstoneBack in 2009, a tombstone was found in a driveway of an abandoned farm site, south of Hutchinson, on Dale St., near County Road 7. The tombstone has the words “Unser Kind” (German for Our Child) on it along with what appears to be a dove inside of a shield. The top of the stone is rounded. There are no other names which are legible or useable. It appears to be over one hundred years old and appears to be white sandstone. The head stone appeared to have a “fresh” break on the bottom of the stone.

The investigation has taken the tombstone to Carver County where authorities thought they had found the proper place from where the stone was taken from, but that was not the case. The Hutchinson Police Department states it doesn’t appear to be missing from Oakland Cemetery either. The stone was found with some small areas painted purple near the bottom, similar to a theft of gargoyles in Hutchinson around the same time period. The MCSO has contacted the County Recorder’s Office and the McLeod County Historical Society for more information and no leads have developed.

A period of time has passed and the MCSO is asking anyone that may be involved or have any knowledge of the theft, to call the MCSO Confidential line at 320-864-4524 and leave information from where it was taken. The hope is some kids were involved and now the same kids have matured, thus giving quality information of where the stone needs to be returned.

The MCSO has walked some local cemeteries in the past and are looking for help to find the proper location for the stone. Cemetery grounds keepers or past family members may know the local cemeteries best and the hope is to give the deceased, a child, back their headstone.