Sibley County Murder Hearing 01 May 12

A Sibley County judge has ruled that information on the murder of a newborn baby over a decade ago will not be kept from the public.

29-year-old Amy Ann Romero has been charged with 1st and 2nd-degree murder, and manslaughter, for the incident in late April of 2001.

Romero was known as Amy Aune when she allegedly gave birth in her former home west of Henderson and then left the child to die in a nearby wooded area.

She was arrested at her current home in Missouri in January.

In court late last week, Romero’s attorney asked to have her file sealed from the public in order to ensure a fair trial, but Sibley County Judge Thomas McCarthy denied the motions, saying there was no evidence that media coverage of the case would keep defense attorneys from finding unbiased jurors.

Romero’s trial is scheduled to start September 11th.

She remains in custody.

There are reportedly 3 women in Missouri that may be ordered to appear as witnesses at Romero’s trial as well.