Wonderful Waconia, a look at the Governors Opener 17 May 12

Well another Governor’s Fishing Opener is in the books and I’d say our area did ‘em proud. Now I’ve only been to three of these openers, but I did hear from other long time visiting media that this was one of the most well set up and executed openers they’ve seen. My hats off to the entire Waconia staff for putting on a great event. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights…

*first, I want to take my hat off to the Waconia committee. I most closely worked with Jeff Schultz and Kellie Sites but I know it was more than just those two that put this on. To everyone who worked on the Governor’s Opener….Great Job! First time our area here has hosted a governor’s opener and hopefully it will be back again. You all did a great job. I was very proud to have KDUZ/KARP as a sponsor of this year’s event.

*Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon. My hat is off to her…I think she was on the lake for longer than Governor Dayton was in Waconia. She went out on the water three times with her family and host….must have had 8 or 9 hours on the water. She seemed like she genuinely loved being on the water and being out there for the community and to show it off. My hat is off to the Lt. Governor!

*I’ve gotta talk about the food. Between my broadcasts, the special tours we had, and others here are some of the highlights…maybe you should check these out too: 1. Lola’s…they had amazing breakfasts, lots of food, all very good!! 2. The two wineries: Parley Lake Winery and Sovereign Estate Winery. Loved both of their offerings in the white wine. Not a huge fan of the red’s…but I’d would definitely recommend the white choices from each place. 3. Terra…loved the fish and pancake appetizer here. Just enough of a tease to get me to come back. 4. Mocha Monkey…I cannot at all remember the name of the ice cream I had here, but I recommend this highly. Wonderful treat…I had a chocolate ice cream with a bunch of stuff in it. Wonderful!

*A big round of applause to the folks who planned the Friday picnic. Haven’t seen such a big crowd in my three years of doing this event. Balanced the food with entertainment and activities very nicely! My wife and kids came to the event and had a great time. The kids loved the acitivities, and had a great time. Didn’t get to all the stuff before the rains fell.

*After three years of Fishing Openers the score is still Joel: 1 Daryl: 0. We got skunked this year completely. Not even a fish into the boat to throw back. Yikes! Last year we caught a bunch of small stuff but had to throw everything back. So the count still remains 1 fish at Kabetogema for me….zero for Pops. Hehehe 

*Now if you do go fishing there let me give you a few tips…1. It’s a much better Night Lake then a daytime lake. Oh you can catch some in the daylight hours, but there were many more fish caught overnight. 2. Right now they are fairly shallow. Those that were having success were casting into the weeds with an artificial type bait. Some were catching them with Leeches as well. 3. Find out where the reefs and structure is…there will be fish there. A good place to get a scouting report is from Cindy at Mase’s In Towne Marina.

*I’ve only been to three events but this one to me seemed like the most well planned event of the three. A nice job by the Waconia people to keep things moving and keeping us into the weekend. I had a blast…can’t wait until they host it again some year! *I also want to give a plug to our videos…you can see a number of things that happened over the weekend…the governor talking, A contest with Minnesota Vikings, a history of lake Waconia and more!

*And lastly, I want to show you a wonderfully sweet old lady I briefly met. Donna at the Farm…our tour was supposed to show us her farm but time constraints didn’t allow us a longer visit. Watch the video below…video is courtesy of the DNR and Explore Minnesota Tourism. If you get a chance go see her….even if it’s just to talk. You’ll have a great time, I promise!

See ya all next year in Park Rapids!