Gibbon Dairy Operators Face New Charges 18 May 12

The operators of a Gibbon-area dairy farm face new criminal charges for selling unpasteurized milk products.

The Hartmann Dairy Farm had been ordered to stop distributing it’s products in 2010 after they were linked to an outbreak of E-Coli. Investigators uncovered poor sanitary conditions and other issues at the farm, and a second round of illnesses occurred the following October.

Michael Otto Hartmann and his wife, Dianne Marcella Hartmann, along with Hartmann’s brother, Roger Dennis Hartmann and alleged business associate Linda Schultz of Minneapolis all now face multiple criminal charges at the request of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Charged which include the illegal sale of unpasteurized dairy products and adulterated or improperly labeled food, selling food without a license, and operating a dairy plant without a permit. After Roger Hartmann and Linda Schultz failed to appear at a court hearing recently, warrants were issued for their arrest.