The Physics of Car Crashes 21 May 12

Officials the Minnesota Department of Public Safety are going on a rooftop today (Monday) to talk about the physics of a car crash.

DPS officials say if someone is not wearing a seat belt when involved in a 60 mph crash, it can feel similar to falling from a 12-story building.

Officials will be on the roof of the City Center parking ramp in Minneapolis to announce a new campaign focusing on seat belt use.Officials say digital billboards will be on nearby skyline rooftops to aid in getting the point across.

Officials say that in crash, unbelted vehicle occupants are six times more likely to suffer injuries than belted occupants. Unbelted motorists can also be ejected in a crash. Officials say seat belts restrain motorists in a vehicle’s protective space, and can keep them alive.

Beginning today, and throught June 7th, about 400 law enforcement agencies will partner with 10,000 agencies nationwide to work overtime patrols to increase seat belt compliance in an effort to stop preventable deaths and injuries. More than 400 unbelted motorists were killed in the last three years in Minnesota, representing 43 percent of the total motorist deaths.

The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office will enforce the state’s primary seat belt law during the campaign, which is saving lives, according to a University of Minnesota study released in March. The study reported the law has resulted in 68 fewer deaths, 320 fewer injuries and $45 million in avoided hospital charges since enacted three years ago (June 2009).