Mild Winter Gives MnDot Other Opportunities 22 May 12

Warm winter temperatures mixed with below average snowfall led to an unusual, yet opportunistic 2011-2012 snow and ice season for the state of Minnesota and its Department of Transportation.

This year, MnDOT was able to work on maintenance tasks typically not addressed during winter months, a stark contrast from last year when several tasks were put on hold due to the severity of the 2010-2011 winter season.

The department got caught up on maintenance work deferred due to last summer’s state government shutdown and jump-started several additional maintenance projects, including: early pothole patching, crack sealing to reduce the effects of moisture damage and keep roads smoother, repairs to cable median barriers, guardrails and fences, culvert inspections, repairs and replacements, and brush-cutting and tree-trimming.

The warmer-than-usual winter also required fewer state resources for snow and ice removal. MnDOT spent $45.9 million on winter maintenance and snow and ice activities during the 2011-2012 winter season – compared to $66.1 million on average the last four years. By comparison, MnDOT spent $81.1 million on snow and ice removal during the 2010-2011 season.

Although the state saw significantly less snow this season, MnDOT crews still needed to be very active throughout the state, some of it due to the unusual freezing rain Minnesota experienced. On average, MnDOT districts deployed snowplows 28 times this winter for snow and freezing rain events compared to 31 times on average the previous four years. “This winter season was different than we normally see, especially compared to last year’s record winter, but it still presented challenges particularly in the area of treating freezing rain, which sometimes was followed by plowing snow,” said MnDOT State Maintenance Engineer Steve Lund.

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