Wind Damage in New Ulm and Buffalo Lake 24 May 12

A burst of strong winds has damaged dozens of vehicles at a south-central Minnesota car dealership yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.

Winds and heavy rain ripped through Kohls-Weelborg Chevrolet in New Ulm at about 4:30pm.

General manager Doug Schablin says the storm hit without warning and within 20 to 30 seconds it was over. Windows of 70 vehicles were smashed and flagpoles were bent to the ground.

Winds as high as 75 miles an hour were recored at the airport. Reports indicate trees and signs were also blown down in New Ulm. No injuries are reported.

Winds around 60 miles an hour last week blew the roof off the school campus in Buffalo Lake causing staff and students to scramble to find adequite classroom sites as there are just days left in the school year.

Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart Superintendent Dr. Rick Clark says rain the rain came after the wind, adding to the problem. Clark says the weather hasn’t really been cooperating since the roof came off, but their taking it stride and even holding some classes outide, when the weather permits.

Clark says it could be worse…it could have happened in October rather than May, when the weather is generally milder.