Cop Makes “Goal” with Cruiser 08 Jun 12

A Hutchinson Police officer may not have caught the suspects, but he reached the “goal” of finding the road hazard that had been called in in the wee hours of June 2nd.

At just after 1:30am, the Hutchinson Police Department received a call of a road hazard near Larson Street on Roberts Road.

As the officer was approaching the area in his cruiser, and looking for possible suspects in the area, he came over a knoll in the roadway, and because it was dark, he failed to see the hazard and hit it head-on. The road hazard turned out to be soccer goal frames that someone had placed in the roadway. The officer drove straight into one of the goals, which smashed his windshield and damaged the dashboard-mounted video camera.

Damage to the windshield was estimated at $300. The camera is valued at $4,500, but Lt. Tom Gifferson believes it can be repaired for about $500.

  • Gizmo

    Maybe a defensive driving course would help.