Storms Hit the Area 18 Jun 12

Early reports from the storm that rolled through west central Minnesota Sunday night indicate several homes and barns were damaged and trees and power lines were downed resulting in power outages.

The National Weather Service said a roof was torn off a house and turkey barns destroyed eight miles north of Grove City.

A roof was blown off a barn, windows blown out of a house and power lines severed at a location five miles northwest of Atwater.

The West Central Tribune reports power was out in Kandiyohi because of damaged lines and there were reports of numerous transformers on fire in Spicer.

The National Weather Service said trained spotters confirmed funnel clouds near Appleton, Kerkhoven, Priam and Grove Lake. One funnel cloud was half-way to the ground near Dawson.

Hail measuring about ¾ to 1 ¼-inch in diameter was reported in Milan, Hancock, Starbuck, Montevideo and Dawson. Straight-line winds of 75 miles an hour were reported in Swift and Meeker counties causing some damage to farm buildings.

There was plenty of rain also. Just over 2 inches of rain was recorded at the KDUZ/KARP Studios in Hutchinson.