Power Outage Update 19 Jun 12

Grove City City Clerk Janelle Johnson says they could be without power until Friday in a worst case scenario. Johnson says Grove City Electric gets their electricity through Xcel Energy power lines which were hit hard by Sunday’s storms. Johnson says she’s been told by Xcel officials they may have to re-route lines through Litchfield instead of north of town, which could take some time. She says Xcel has 50 crew members in the area working on the lines. Some businesses in Grove City that have their own generators have power.

Atwater Mayor Mark Olson says Xcel Energy did a wonderful job and restored power to the town much earlier than expected. After Sunday’s storms heavily damage power and transmission lines, Xcel told Olson they might not have power restored until Wednesday but by last night, electricity was restored to most if not all of town.

Some outlying areas in Meeker County are still without power.

Meeker Cooperative line crews are still working hard to restore power to members in the Atwater and Paynesville areas. Power has been restored to all other areas, with the exception of a few scattered outages due to tree damage or other reasons. Crews plan to have outages restored by the end of today (Tuesday).

They encourage members to call in and let them know you if you are without power. That will help identify problem areas and will allow them to restore your power more quickly.

Meeker Cooperative also reminds people to please stay away from downed power lines and appreciate your patience during this severe storm outage restoration.