School Damage to ACGC and NLS 19 Jun 12

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City School District officials today are meeting with insurance adjustors and their sports facility provider to
gauge the damage done by Sunday’s storms…

…ACGC Superintendent Sheri Broderius says the bleachers also damaged the high-jump pits, discus storage shed, track garage and the home dug out on the baseball field. The softball bleachers also blew through a fence and damaged part of the school greenhouse.

Broderius says a representative from “Stadium Steve”, the Sioux Falls company that originally put up the bleachers when the school was built 16 years ago will be inspecting the damage today (Tuesday). There was also some cosmetic damage to the roof of the school located west of Grove City.

Broderius says complicating things is the fact power has been out since Sunday and might not be back on until Friday, putting custodians behind on their summer maintainance work on carpets and floors…

…New London-Spicer High School also had damage from Sunday’s storm.   Superintendent Paul Carlson says strong winds tore off the
fasching on two sections of roof, in some spots stripping it down to the masonry. Water came in the cieling in the foyer outside the gym, and caused ceiling tiles to come crashing to the floor and igniting the alarm.   Water also got into the lunchroom and some tables in storage were actually floating, and water also soaked carpetting in the administrative wing.

Carlson says the custodial staff and West Central Roofing acted fast to clean up the mess and put a temporary covering on the roof. Part of the roof was already scheduled to be repaired under a capital improvement bond but another part was nearly brand new from last year.

Everything is insured and a claim has been filed.