Hutchinson…a Lake Town? 21 Jun 12

Nothing in the summertime gets me more relaxed and in my element than a day fishing. I grew up like most Minnesotans going to the cabin in the summer time, and a lot of weekends were spent inside a rickety red Lund (that eventually became a nicer blue Sylvan) on a lake with a line in my hand and John Gordon and Herb Carneal on the radio. Didn’t have to catch a thing on those days, I was just glad to be on the water with my father.

Recently I was reminded of those days, after going up to the Alexandria area. Spent a good amount of time on the lake and boy was it relaxing. Course it helped that we caught fish…my in particular. I hauled in 8 Northern Pike, with other parties in our boat getting 4 more. (Random Fishing Tip…I was trolling a JB Lures Ventilated Spinner with a minnow…feel free to try that next time on the water)

But, as I was fishing, I kept thinking…why can’t this be the scene in Hutchinson? We forget, and myself included, that this is a lake town. There’s more shore line in this town than there is in some northern Minnesota hot spots. With Campbell Lake, Otter Lake, and the Crow River….there are more than enough areas to sustain fish, and provide good fishing.

A quick check of the DNR’s website shows that overall Campbell/Otter/Crow is a very shallow body of water with the deepest area of the lake only about 6 feet deep. Bullheads are the most plentiful fish in the water but it does offer some Walleyes and Northern Pike. Crappies, Sunfish, and Perch can also be caught here as well. That’s not a bad selection to choose from.

One of the problems the lakes are dealing with is that it’s hard to travel between the lakes. Roads separate the three area’s of the lake with insufficient bridges to travel between the lakes. One bridge has been recitified on the Luce Line trail…I know another one along the southern portion on South Grade Road is scheduled to be fixed in the coming years. Now if we could just get the Highway 7 portion fixed we’d be in business.

I know the Hutchinson Leader newspaper has written about this in the past in more depth than I am here, but I would like to throw my support behind what they’ve written about. We have a good resource here, I’d like to see it utilized more.

Than maybe someday I can recreate that scene of sitting in a boat, listening to now Cory Provus and Dan Gladden, with a line in my hand looking over the City of Hutchinson. To me Hutchinson can be the gateway to the North Country. The lakes start here and get more plentiful as you go farther north on Highway 15. But let’s try and remember that first part of what I just said…the lakes start HERE.