Grove City Sees the Light 22 Jun 12

The power is back on in Grove City.

City Clerk Janell Johnson says crews got the power back on at 7:10 Wednesday night.

Grove City had been without electricity for 70 hours, since Sunday night’s storms moved in and caused considerable damage to power lines north of town.

Xcel Energy says 50 workers worked on the project around the clock since Sunday to reset 46 poles knocked down during the storm, and re-strung the line Wednesday.

Earlier estimates had power not being restored to Grove City possibly not until Today (Friday), but Johnson says they were able to save a lot of time by using existing line.

Johnson says there were many instances of neighbors helping neighbors during the outage.

Johnson says there was no power at city hall, which freed her up to be out and about helping people, trying to get them the proper resources and taking more than 350 calls on her cell phone. She says the MnWarn system that sends help to towns in need from other communities helped a lot.

Grove City got assistance from Willmar, Litchfield, Montrose, Hutchinson and others. They set up a kitchen in the community center help feed Xcel and clean up crews, and says it was refreshing how everyone got together to help.